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ARTIST’S BIOGRAPHY Karen Meisenheimer 204 King Hiram Lane, #201, Nevada City, CA 95959 (530) 650-9601 b. 1941 B.S. University of Wisconsin, major biology, minor chemistry B.F.A. San Francisco State University, Art – design and sculpting University of Wisconsin, masters in education: curriculum design and development Karen developed her inherent artistic talent at an early age. She earned a scholarship to Milwaukee’s Layton Art School from ages nine to eleven. Taking a practical track in her early college years, she majored in science and after a stint doing R & D for the Wisconsin dairy industry, began her teaching career. Her science classes emphasized the need to foster critical and creative thinking skills in her students. She redesigned basic biology texts to incorporate those skills as well as teaching science as system, demonstrating the importance of connections. Later she worked with the University of California in developing hands-on, interactive environmental education courses for elementary teachers, including a graduate level certificate program in environmental science. She also worked with a local Bay Area, California nonprofit educational organization: Environmental Volunteers, designing copious interactive materials for teaching children, from kindergarten through twelfth grades about environments. Having completed her degree in art from San Francisco State University, Karen made time to continue her pursuit of working in mixed media. This exploration continues today. Karen’s sculptures reflect her passion for and interest in the environment. She utilizes objects found in nature, as well as composing in clay, wood, metal, fibers and human-made recycled materials to produce unique works. Her art pieces are the sculptural equivalent of jazz.